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PitchBook for deal sourcing

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Deal Sourcing

As the capital markets become more crowded and competitive, investors need to find new ways to source the right deals faster. Our timely, accurate financial data can help you quickly inform your investment strategy, find companies in your target sector that are primed for funding or acquisition and accurately gauge a company’s growth.

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Search for investment or acquisition targets based on the attributes that matter most to you or your client—including pre- and post-money valuations, industry, total capital raised, revenue figures and even other non-financial metrics.

Whether it’s informing private equity deal-sourcing strategies or streamlining venture capital, M&A or investment banking deal sourcing workflows, PitchBook can help your firm substantiate claims, focus research and drive efficiency.

PitchBook search showing buyouts/LBOs in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry. Sorted by deal size.

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Easily discover companies that likely need an infusion of equity or debt based on when they last received financing, how many employees they have and more.

PitchBook also makes finding acquisition targets easy by allowing you to leverage insight into venture capital and private equity portfolios to see when companies are nearing the end of their holding period and are prime acquisition targets.

PitchBook search for buyouts/LBOs in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry from 2009 to 2011.
Check out our complete guide to deal sourcing

Check out our complete guide to deal sourcing什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

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After you’ve run your search, PitchBook provides a list of promising opportunities you can use to maintain your investment pipeline. You can also activate alerts for specific changes you’re interested in knowing about across that subset of companies.

The PitchBook Excel Plugin makes it simple to share and manage your target lists with the rest of your team, too.

PitchBook search showing buyouts/LBOs in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry. Sorted by last financing date.

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Once you’ve narrowed down a list of promising investment or acquisition targets, PitchBook makes it simple to identify the best person to contact at each organization so you can reach out immediately.

You can also export contact information as an Excel CSV file or use one of our other integrations to seamlessly incorporate the data into your existing workflow.

PitchBook search results showing buyouts/LBOs in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry. Sorted by primary contact.

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