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Chrome extension: Bring the power of PitchBook to your browser什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

With one click, access PitchBook's comprehensive data directly from your browser while you’re visiting a company’s website, reading the news or doing online research. The extension is included with your PitchBook subscription.

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Save time什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Highlight and right-click on an entity, instantly scan a news article or search within the extension to uncover hard-to-find information (like a company‘s valuation or an executive‘s contact info) without leaving your current window or tab.

Save time

Streamline your workflow什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Get all the information you need in one place. Your search history and followed companies are synced across PitchBook Mobile, Desktop and Chrome.

Streamline your workflow

Easily conduct due diligence什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Evaluate investment and acquisition targets with access to key details on companies and contacts and easy navigation to full profiles on PitchBook Desktop.

Easily conduct due diligence

Connect with dealmakers什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Reach the right contact and personalize conversations with data that links people to companies, deals, funds, news stories and more.

Connect with dealmakers

Download the PitchBook extension for Google Chrome, available to PitchBook customers 什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

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