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Get granular information on funds—from investments and dry powder to IRR and cash flow multiples.

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55,411 funds around the world
12,753 funds in Europe

25+ funds types, including:

  • Buyout funds
  • Venture capital funds
  • Energy and resources funds
  • Funds of funds
  • Growth and expansion funds
  • Infrastructure funds
  • Mezzanine and debt funds
  • Real estate funds

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Get key information什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

See the size, target, dry powder, vintage year and other important details about a fund. You can also check how much capital the fund manager has called from LPs, distributions and fundraising history.

PitchBook fund profile showing Carlyle Partners IV's general information, including dry power and called capital.

Examine investments什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Gain insight into the companies a fund has invested in, the size and type of the investments and the lead partner associated with each deal. You can also see investments by industry, deal type, company stage and geography.

PitchBook fund profile showing CVC European Equity Partners VII's investments and investment preferences.

Analyze returns什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Gauge a fund’s success based on IRR, cash flow multiples (DPI, RVPI and TVPI), distributions and more. Gain more insight with limited partner breakdowns.

PitchBook fund profile showing Oak Investment Partners XII's return data, including IRR and cash flow multiples.
Dan Mosanu, Church of England

“We are very pleased with our experience with PitchBook. Not only it is an excellent resource for benchmarking and tracking fund performance globally, but we are also impressed with PitchBook’s customer support team and their responsiveness.”什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

—Dan Mosanu, Church of England

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Build benchmarks什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Compare a fund’s performance to funds with similar strategies. Look at funds’ underlying investments, IRR and cash flow multiples to uncover what’s driving performance and choose your own peer group. Eliminate outliers, funds that got lucky with one big exit, too.

See limited partners and commitments什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Discover which limited partners have committed to a fund as well as the type and size of their commitments. Click or hover over an LP to get even more information.

PitchBook fund profile showing limited partners committed to HarbourVest Partners VIII-Venture.

Evaluate the team什么app可以下lol外围,lol外围投注app官方网站,lol外围菠菜网站

Better understand the fund team with details on the deals they’ve led, other funds they’ve run and board seats they’ve held. Plus, get up-to-date contact information, office location and their titles.

PitchBook fund profile showing Sequoia Capital XI's fund team and limited partners.

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